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#1 Rated Company Landice treadmills are consistently rated #1 by the world’s leading consumer magazines. In a “Runner’s World” magazine survey of over 2,000 users who owned or used a Landice treadmill at a gym or corporate fitness center, Landice was rated number one in customer satisfaction. Landice has manufactured treadmills for over 40 years. We have placed over 100,000 units in the harshest commercial environments. Because we use the same time-tested commercial grade components in all our treadmills, only Landice can offer a residential bumper-to-bumper Assignable Lifetime Warranty.

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About Us
Vision Fitness, a Wisconsin-based company, designs and distributes award-winning fitness products, including treadmills, elliptical trainers, fitness bikes and strength equipment for the home and commercial markets. We began in 1993 as a division of Trek® Bicycle Company, one of the world's largest manufacturers of quality outdoor bicycles, where we pioneered the development of the smoothest and quietest exercise bikes available. In 1996, Vision Fitness was spun off by the Trek Fitness management team to better focus on the specialized fitness industry. The company was renamed Vision Fitness because, after all, everyone who begins a fitness program has a vision of how they want to look, live or feel. Because Vision Fitness only sold high-quality bikes with Trek’s revolutionary magnetic resistance system (winning us Consumer’s Digest “Best Buy” awards in 1995 as Trek and again in 1996, 1998, 2001, and 2004 as Vision Fitness), the foundation was set for us to continue developing innovative product for the fitness industry. Our bikes are easily the most decorated products in the industry.
In 1997, we introduced our line of folding and full platform treadmills and received great reviews from our customers. Our goal was to introduce a line of high-quality products at a better value than most of our competitors. Vision Fitness introduced the first extra-capacity treadmill (20-inch wide belt) for under $2,000. In the last few years, our treadmills have received significant awards and recognition from major media publications for offering consumers a great value.
Vision Fitness became the “must have” brand when we introduced our patented folding elliptical trainers in 1998. Our customers loved the unique space-saving folding feature and so did the media. Their first year in the market, Consumer’s Digest awarded a “Best Buy” to our X6200 model. Our elliptical trainers have received a great deal of praise every year since then, again in Consumer’s Digest and in such reputable publications as Parenting, Health, Smart Money, Money, All You, Which? Magazine in the UK, and the list goes on.
By 1999, three short years after Vision Fitness spun off from Trek, we were one of the top fitness equipment companies in the world. This success was due mainly in part to great customer service. Of course, every aspect of the business—from accounting to quality—impacts our service. We listen to our customers to develop great new products and programs.
In 2001, Vision Fitness had to move its operations to a newly constructed facility in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, to better accommodate its growing number of employees. In 2004, Vision Fitness began establishing partnerships with Unity Health Insurance and the Wisconsin Governor’s Office to help increase awareness of the importance of health and fitness and to help combat childhood obesity in our home state. Donations have also been made to PE4Life to help increase awareness of the need for physical education on a national level.
In 2005, our products continued to receive significant awards, and our 500+ specialty fitness retailers across North America continue to rank us as one of the top fitness equipment providers in the country in terms of product and customer service. We also tackled the commercial/vertical market in 2005 by hiring a commercial sales force.
In 2012, the awards and media attention continue, with another "Best Buy" award for our treadmills. In April, we introduced our very popular Suspension Elliptical™ trainer with PerfectStride™ motion. In just months, this product received a notable international award and the "Top Gear of the Year" award from ShapeYou.com. In September, we introduced our new customizable home fitness products and, shortly thereafter, launched a brand-new website.

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T-5.0 Treadmill, X8 and X5 Ellipticals Top Fitness Equipment Reviews

SCHILLER PARK, Ill., July 28, 2011 – Life Fitness, the global leader in fitness equipment manufacturing for both home and commercial products, was honored with FindTheBest.com’s 2011 “Best Of” awards for its T5-0 home treadmill, and X8 and X5 Elliptical Cross-Trainers.

Life Fitness is world renowned for superior product and an industry-leading heritage that it carries through to the consumer market with premium treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical cross-trainers and strength training equipment.

FindTheBest.com monitors categories of expert rating sources across many different industries to evaluate product and rank each in a way that makes it easy to identify the industry leaders. With almost two million unique monthly visitors, the site has been praised for its wealth of quality data gathered from government and other trusted sources.

“Life Fitness products do extremely well in consumer reviews,” said Brent Hutton, vice president for the Life Fitness consumer business unit. “We’re excited to see our products rise to the top of these product ratings, and expect to see more products climb higher in reviews as additional evaluation sites are scored for FindtheBest.com.”

About the Products

The Life Fitness T5-0 treadmill has been popular in the market since its introduction in 2005. Easy controls make a workout simple to navigate, while the machine’s quiet performance makes it perfect for the home environment. Additionally, the patented FlexDeck® shock absorption system reduces impact on joints by nearly 30 percent compared to ordinary treadmills or hard outdoor running surfaces.

Life Fitness’ superior biomechanics support comfort and fit with SelectStride™ technology on its elliptical cross-trainers. The X5 allows you to adjust the stride length for different-sized users in the household or to target different muscle groups. The X8 features electronic stride adjustment—with just the touch of a button, users can change the stride length on-the-fly to target different leg muscles. The Life Fitness X5 and X8 elliptical cross-trainers incorporate the same shock absorption technology that makes Life Fitness treadmills the best in the world. The FlexPedalTM shock absorption system provides flexible cushioning to increase foot comfort during workouts.

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About Life Fitness

Life Fitness is the global leader in providing fitness equipment. The company manufactures and sells strength and cardiovascular equipment under the brand names Life Fitness and Hammer Strength and distributes its equipment in more than 120 countries.

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Buying Advice

Treadmills are the most popular pieces of exercise equipment purchased for the home. They are easy to use, and according to the American Medical Association, they are the most effective calorie burners for most people. There are many types of treadmills: fold-up models, models designed for walkers, heavy-duty designs for runners, even ones that can monitor your heart rate and adjust your workout accordingly! When buying a treadmill, first figure out what's going to motivate you (and others in your household) to use it regularly.

What To Look For:
  • Make sure it is sturdy.
  • A wide belt that is long enough to accommodate your stride length.
  • Has good shock absorption.
  • Lets you vary your workout by adjusting elevation and speed.
  • Has motivating programmed courses for variety.
  • Has a handgrip in front or along the sides so you can grab it for balance.
  • Isn’t very noisy.
  • Has a good warranty and service contract.
  • Has a good sized motor, especially if running on it.

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